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Collin Morikawa Beats Justin Thomas In A Playoff At The Workday Charity Open For His 2nd PGA Tour Victory

Holy SHIT man! What a rollercoaster day at Muirfield! What a finish. Such a fun day of golf to watch (if you were able to watch it at all, but that's a whole different topic for a whole different time). The tee times got moved up because of inclement weather approaching in the afternoon which meant a final group of Justin Thomas, Collin Morikawa and Viktor Hovland. Just absolute STUDS. JT was the oldest in the group at the elderly age of 27. It's laugh out loud funny how stacked golf is with young talent right now. 

Anyway. I simply cannot believe that golf tournament ended up in a playoff and I bet Justin Thomas can't either. JT had a three shot lead with three to play and Morikawa made up a shot on each of the final three holes to force a playoff. JT obviously made some mistakes down the stretch but good for Morikawa to take advantage. That tournament was JT's and Morikawa somehow scraped and clawed back to force a playoff at Muirfield.

Oh and then what happened on the first playoff hole? One of the greatest playoff holes you'll ever see? Yep.

Both bad off the tee 

Two bad lies 

Morikawa puts his to 25 feet. JT puts his to 50 feet.

Then magic happens for both.

JT goes first 

Then Morikawa 

Truly insane stuff. Morikawa would go on to win on the third playoff hole but that first playoff hole will be what people remember. 

Well that, and Morikawa almost missing this short putt force a playoff 

Jesus Christ.

Let's take a look at some other Morikawa highlights from the day

Came as close as you can to making an ace at #4

Nearly makes an albatross on the very next hole

Nearly makes another ace at #12 

Drives the green at #14 to 11 feet after watching Hovland go into the water right before him (that's an 8-yard gap in front of the green)

Morikawa ended up missing the eagle putt but that's still a ballsy shot given the situation. What I'm trying to say is that Collin Morikawa is gonna be a problem for the foreseeable future, but you already knew that. We're talking the next two decades of Morikawa being in contention A LOT and likely winning at a pretty good clip. Of the three young guns (Morikawa, Hovland, Wolff), Morikawa has the game to win and win in BUNCHES. Think about it. He could've easily won at the Charles Schwab a few weeks ago (another one that went to a playoff). He's just a fucking stud and I can't wait to continue watching him play.

So congrats to Collin Morikawa on his second PGA Tour victory at the age of 23. He now has more wins on the PGA Tour than cuts missed.

I'll leave you with an insane Tiger Woods stat 


PS- Most of that final round and the entire playoff wasn't on live television. I don't know how to fix it because I know nothing about TV contracts but I'm gonna go ahead and say more eyeballs on what happened at Muirfield today would've been a good thing.