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You Can’t Come Closer To Making A Hole-In-One Than Collin Morikawa Just Did

WHAT THE FUCK???? Go back and look at the thumbnail of this blog. Seriously click out, look at the thumbnail and then click back in. HOW does that ball not drop??????? That ball drops 100 times out of 100 and somehow Collin Morikawa's ball didn't go in the hole. And it's not like Morikawa's deep on the leaderboard and that's some inconsequential shot. As I'm typing this he's tied for the lead with Viktor Hovland at -17! Yeah it's always nice to have a tap-in birdie but imagine if Hovland beats Morikawa by one stroke? Madness. I've gone back and watched the video 50 times and I still think the ball is gonna drop every time. There's highway robbery and then there's whatever just happened to Collin Morikawa at Muirfield.