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So THAT's Why Running Knees To Grounded Fighters Are Illegal In MMA

Ummm...congratulations to Boston Salmon (is that his real name?) on this - uh, disqualification win, I guess?! 

I'm sure he ain't feelin too hot this morning, but that goes in the W column all the same as a knockout he was on the other end of, and that's definitely the only way I could possibly win a professional mixed martial arts bout, so I say - good on 'em! 

Took that knee like a champ!

This is definitely why knees/kicks to the head of a grounded opponent are illegal, tho - shit just looked like straight BRUTALITY. Terrifying to watch. Can't imagine anything more vicious. 

You may remember Greg Hardy getting DQ'd from his UFC debut for one of these, albeit it appearing a lot less scary than this one....

It's the same rule though; no knees/kicks to a grounded opponent. 

Now, what constitutes a grounded opponent is different state-to-state (because commissions are dumb and can't just get together and agree) but it's generally three points of contact with the canvas….sooo: elbow/hand/knee, knee/knee/foot, hand/hand/foot, foot/foot/hand, that all counts. Hope that helps ya out if you were confused!