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Michael Kopech Out For The Year. Fuck.

Fuck. Whatever, his call. Next man up. Really sucks that it'll be going on 3 years that we see Kopech pitch next since he got TJS in late 2018. Kid has all world potential and this totally fucking sucks as a fan. I'm not pissed at him for doing so, it's his body and his call, but I'm furious with the situation we (the world) are in. He doesn't lose a year of service time, but nothing good comes of this in terms of wins/losses in 2020 and the White Sox deploying a pitcher who has the talent to win a Cy Young every 5 nights. Fucking sucks. 

I say this with no embellishment because no embellishment is necessary: coronavirus can FIST itself. Right in the heart of the Sox competitive window. Go fucking figure, we just cannot have nice things. We sold our souls for 2005, I am fully convinced of it at this point. 

But the dog shit Friday afternoon (bad) news dump doesn't stop there:

Was he one of the 2 anonymous players to have tested positive for the Rona? No idea. Lot of people are putting 2 and 2 together and assuming so, but it doesn't matter, he's not practicing when he NEEDS to be. Moncada is a player that needs a LOT of reps to keep in a rhythm offensively and he cannot do that on the IL. If he only has a few days of workouts under his belt prior to facing someone like Mike Clevenger or whoever else, he'll start the season ice cold and revert back to old habits of taking too many strikes, getting himself into pitcher's counts and then swinging outside the zone. That's the 2018 Moncada that we do NOT want to see and I fear that this layoff might make him revert back to those old habits. I hope I'm wrong, but that's my fear. The season starts 14 DAYS from today and he's gone for 10 of them. Not good.

Whatever their depth is still awesome. Next man up. Still love where the Sox are at right now. Fuck you