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Dude Attempts To Jump Over Fence During Live TV Report And Face Plants Instead




Allllllllmost made it.  He knew there was a live TV report happening.  He knew the reporter was somewhat good looking.  He thought if he jumped over the fence and made it that she’d toss her panties aside and love him forever.  He just didn’t think about the part where he COMPLETELY misses and eats a face full of concrete.  To his credit, he stayed around and helped put the fence back up like an idiot which is more than I can say I’d do.  A spectacular failure like that on live TV and the next time you see me is never.  I sure as hell don’t stick around and help clean up the mess I’ve made.  I’m outta there before she signs off on that report.  The best part is he wasn’t even close to making it.  Run it back and watch again.  His knee never even gets above the barrier, let alone getting his entire body mass over it.  There was a 0% chance he was making it.  But still, if there’s a chance to impress a woman?  Done and done.  I’m going for it.  It’s the blessing and the curse of being a man.