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The Bubble Is Already Testing The Friendship Of Tobias Harris And Boban

Well this is just something you hate to see. We all know the Orlando bubble is going to be stressful for pretty much everyone involved. Millionaires having to live like us normal folks has shown to be a pretty big adjustment these first few days. Guys hate their room, the food doesn't look all that great based on what they're used to, they can't leave their rooms for 2 days once they get there, these are things you could sort of prepare for.

But what I don't think anyone could have predicted was one of the best and most entertaining friendships in the league being on the rocks. Bobi and Tobi are the very definition of a dynamic duo. After they split up when Tobias got traded to PHI it was the end of an era out in LA. I dare you to try and tell me these aren't enjoyable

I'm sure Tobias was over the moon to be in the bubble with his giant friend. With Boban in Dallas and Tobias in Philly, they were slated to share a hotel at the Grand Floridian. So imagine the heartbreak of being stuck in your room and scrolling Twitter only to see your best friend clearly not missing you. Now he's having the fun you wanted to have only it's with Luka. The hot young new thing. That's tough. You saw how happy Boban was in that video with Luka, does that look like someone who is thinking about his former best friend? I don't think so. 

This is like when you head off to college and stop talking to your high school friends because one of you has moved on. Then you're all back on break for the first time and things just feel different. You know what I'm talking about. This person who you thought would be excited to see you can't stop putting out videos with his college friends. People they've only known for a cup of coffee. That stings. 

Makes you wonder just how much this could impact Tobias Harris mentally and if his game will suffer. Will he be able to focus with a broken heart? If the Mavs go on a run and Luka and Boban have more moments together, is it going to get worse? Remember, these two teams are trapped in the same hotel for a while unless someone gets bounced early. Luka is going to be everywhere Tobias looks. That's only going to make things worse.

Poor Tobias man. If I were him I would just pull up my bank account real quick and remind myself that I'm making $36M a year and have 4 years left on that 180M extension. It won't buy back Boban's friendship, but it's still pretty sweet.