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Adam Schefter With An All-Time Bad Typo On This DeSean Jackson Tweet

Typos in tweets happen all the time. I'm really good at fucking up the last word in a tweet and hitting send without realizing. The whole no edit button on Twitter is a real motherfucker. Sometimes you type something, see your replies going nuts, and have no clue what you messed up because your brain is short circuiting. Usually the person catches it relatively immediately and we forget it happened. Well, it took Schefter a good ten minutes to realize he completely botched this DeSean Jackson tweet. Ten minutes in typo land is like 4 days in the real world.  

Original Tweet: 

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 4.25.24 PM.png

Correct Tweet: 

PHEW! I was a few minutes away from trying to convince myself how meeting with an anti-semitic group could possibly be in the realm of a good idea here. At some point if it's up that long that's telling me it's somehow true. There were actually a good amount of people in the replies agreeing that he needed to see both sides here to educate himself. What the fuck people? For ten minutes I thought my soul had left Planet Earth. I'm all for education these days, but that's not how we're doing it with this. That I do know. Thankfully he meant a group against anti-Semitism, corrected it, and we can all move on. Deep breath everyone. 

P.S. Woj and Schefter already making big news about themselves today before 5:00. Someone get eyes on Jeff Passan ASAP!