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Sliding Down the Rankings: Vanderbilt Upsets LSU, Coach Duggs Loses First Game in More Than Two Seasons

Gus Duggerton went exactly one month without suffering a loss in NCAA Football 14. That streak ended this afternoon in Nashville, after a 41-22 shocker in favor of Vanderbilt over LSU.

We won't beat around the bush here. This loss was purely because of sliders. As shown above, the slider bullies prevailed today. Coach Duggs moved everything in favor of the computer, and ultimately, the deficit was way too large to overcome. I mean, take a look at some of these plays from the first half:

But after this run, Coach Duggs had enough. He changed the impossible sliders back and eventually earned some life in this game.

Unfortunately, just as LSU started to get some momentum back, it was too late. 

And just like that, the undefeated season is gone. The No. 1 ranking is gone, the winning streak that lasted more than two seasons is gone. 

With today's shocking loss, the Tigers dropped a significant amount in the rankings. But have no fear, Coach Duggs sees a path back to the title...

LSU will have tonight and tomorrow off, but Sunday night (time TBD), we have a HUGE game against Alabama on the schedule for you. Have a safe weekend and we will see you then.