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Taking You Into The Weekend With A Twitter Thread Of Colorized Film From Cities Across The World At The Beginning Of The 20th Century

I came across the tweet earlier today and was in complete awe of the video. You can say, "history, how bout it!" all you want, but I'm just a sucker for videos like this, especially when they are colorized. History? It's wild man. I'd just love to talk to the people in the video above. What do you guys do for fun? Doesn't life get boring with no TV? Or internet?

When I went to look for the original tweet, I was lucky enough to find out that this video of Halifax in 1902 was located in a thread of multiple videos just like it. 

Imagine dressing to the 9s every day like these people!! I haven't put on a suit in a year!

The architecture of these cities are amazing to look at. Look at NYC again!

Now? This place is just filled with trash on the street and every other building is disgusting to look at. A lot of improvements have been made since 1911, but architecture has gone backward in my opinion. Maybe I'm just a sucker for old school stuff.