The Notre Dame Haters, Of Which There Are Many, Are In Full Throat About The Irish Joining A Conference And I Don't Understand

Finally, someone else out here willing to hold these people to task. I don't really get what's so difficult for Notre Dame fans to understand about this position. If you want to maintain your position that you can't be in a conference because you're a "national program" — this was only true when the Irish were the only team on national television; Notre Dame is no more a national program now than 20 other schools — then that's fine. But if a global pandemic comes rolling through and we can only play conference football games, you don't get to come running back to the ACC now.--Big Tennessee

First things first, I like Big Tennessee. Met him at Neyland stadium a few years ago. Loved his music video. Glad he's around. Which is why it saddens me that he has yet to learn the rule that says if you're on the same side as Desmond Howard then you're on the wrong side. That guy, 99.999999% of the time absolutely STINKS. It's a shame that Big Tennessee and the other haters have lined up against Notre Dame again on this issue of Independence. Big Tennessee continued after hearing that the ACC, Notre Dame's business partner, will accommodate Notre Dame where they can 

You're either in a conference or you're not. If you want the benefits of having your interests protected by a collective group of schools, you need to take the opportunity to join one of those groups. I'm sure any of them would be happy to have you.

But if you want to keep parading around telling everybody how great it is that you're "independent" because that's how it was when you were good in the 40s, you have to live with the consequences.

Honest to God with a capital G, putting Notre Dame bias aside, I do NOT understand why people care if Notre Dame joins a conference or not. Why does this bother a fan of an SEC team that has nothing to do with Notre Dame? This has nothing to do with Notre Dame being on National TV. Newsflash to the's 2020. Yes, Notre Dame has every home game on national tv with their NBC deal, but guess what...every road game is too with ESPN and every other station. You know why? Because basically every single college football game is on national television now. I live in Chicago and I have watched as many Tennessee games as Big Tennessee in the last 5 years because you can watch every big program every week thanks to a gazillion channels and rights deals. 

College football is about history. We just had the 150th anniversary of college football last year and ESPN ran a series about all aspects of that history. Tradition and rivalries are what make college football special. There are times when I have gotten mad about conference affiliations changing. It's because it fucked with those two things. Texas A&M bolting to the SEC, while a good thing for the school and the conference, probably, is bad for college football because we don't get that Friday after Thanksgiving A&M vs UT game that punctuated the weekend and the season. The ACC and the Big12 killed the Backyard Brawl with Pitt vs WVU...that fucking stinks. Same thing with Nebraska-Colorado. College football is worse off without having those games and they're no where near the level of Notre Dame vs USC. That is one of the greatest and most significant series in college football. USC being down in recent years has hurt the game, but you can't sacrifice it entirely. That is what would happen if Notre Dame became a full member of the ACC or another league. They'd lose their ability to play meaningful and historic games like their rivalry with USC, Michigan, and Navy. That matters to me, a Notre Dame fan, but it should matter to anyone who likes college football. 

I understand the people who get pissy with Notre Dame going 12-0 and making the playoff when other schools have to win a conference championship. My answer to that problem is that Notre Dame, or any school that plays a power 5 schedule and goes undefeated is going to belong in the playoff. And to quote Big Tennessee...

You're either in a conference or you're not. If you want the benefits of having your interests protected by a collective group of schools, you need to take the opportunity to join one of those groups. I'm sure any of them would be happy to have you

If you want the benefits of joining a conference and having your interests protected by the collective group of schools then you surrender your right to complain about a team missing the playoff because they lost their conference championship. I also don't think anyone complained about the Big12 Champ making the playoff when they went 7 seasons without an extra game. Nope, that criticism seems to only apply to Notre Dame. Furthermore, going undefeated is really fucking hard. It is probably more likely down the road that ND will miss a shot at the playoffs because they went 11-1 and didn't have an extra opportunity at the end of the year to boost their resume with a win against someone like say…Virginia, Pitt, UNC, or GaTech…all of whom were in the ACC Championship game at least once in the last 10 years. 

I understand hating Notre Dame. I LOVE to hate things. It's the best. I can't wait to hate people and teams in sports again. I do not, and will never, understand hating Notre Dame's status as an independent and making their own schedule. Penn State, Miami, Florida State, Louisville, Pitt, Rutgers, South Carolina, Syracuse, BC, VaTech, WVU, and others used to be independent football programs. They decided it no longer worked for them. That is their prerogative. Notre Dame chose to remain and play an awesome and dynamic schedule coast to coast and that works for them. You haters and losers need to find a new slant.