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It's been well over a year since I started doing my podcast, My Mom's Basement - a podcast I truly love doing with all my heart, no matter how niche it may be - and I think I've finally figured out how to make merchandise for the show! 

I've always been hesitant to make merch, because I know that asking folks to wear the words "My Mom's Basement" on their clothes is a bit of a tough ask (and because I was afraid nobody was gonna buy it) but I think I've grown a nice cult-following type listenership at this point, and the clothes speak for themselves....


I may never take this hoodie off when it arrives. There's obviously a bit of a stoner vibe to it, but that lime tie-dye also just screeeams walking on the boardwalk on a a nice breezy night to me. Not only the hottest drop of the Summer, but a MUST-HAVE for the Fall.

If there's one thing I've noticed about Stoolies in the near four years I've worked here, it's that you mothafuckas looove yourselves a nice pocket tee. Honestly - who doesn't? 

So with that in mind, we designed a nice burgundy/gold pocket tee for ya, inspired by the man who saved the universe, Tony Stark....


Finally, for those of you saying, "Robbie, I like the show, but I'm just not into these vibrant/crazy colors, and don't like pocket tees!" - don't fret! I'd say I'm as much of a plain black shirt guy as anybody, and because of that, I've gotcha covered as well….


Now I know I may be biased here, but in my humble opinion, this is an absolute Mount Vesuvius fire-flames line of apparel that Kanye West couldn't dream of designing on his best day. Again, I understand that I'm possibly biased, but I'm forgive me, I'm just excited.

Biiig shoutout to my guy Nate Hurst for whipping these up, as well! I love that little Stool character he did for us and I am officially declaring it the new mascot of My Mom's Basement. Maybe call it "Stoolie the Stoolie" or something? Idk - we'll workshop the name - but it's gonna be around for good on my merch. Love it so much.