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Lou Holtz Compares College Football Returning to Storming the Beaches of Normandy

Look, I can promise you that I want college football to be played this fall as much, if not far more than the next guy. But I also know you can't go on television and say that playing college football this year is somehow akin to the storming of the beaches at Normandy.

I also don't really understand what Lou Holtz's point is with that comparison. Is he saying playing college football would lead to a certain number of casualties we're willing to accept to have the season? Because that seems like an argument which isn't going to stand up to very much scrutiny.

He also then diverges into an argument about how Big 10 teams play bad non-conference schedules to get into bowl games, which is a pretty sharp turn from World War II — he also doesn't seem to understand that the Big 10 plays nine conference games and has a mandate of one Power Five non-conference opponent, but whatever.

The much larger point here is that holy hell, we have to get Holtz off television. To be completely honest, I was shocked to just find out he's only 83 years old. If you had asked me this morning how old Lou Holtz was, I would have gone 94 with no reservations. He looks like he's still got another decade of Skype calls into whatever program will have him.

Lou Holtz and Mark May on College Football Final used to be one of the great parts of a college football Saturday, but it looks like it may be time to let Coach enjoy his final years away from the television screens of America.