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Police Release CCTV Footage of Naya Rivera and Her Son Just Before She Went Missing and It Will Break Your Heart into Pieces

Source -  HAUNTING CCTV footage shows Naya Rivera and her son as they board a boat at a lake then sail off before she disappeared.

The 33-year-old ‘Glee’ star and son Josey, four, are seen getting out of her car at Lake Piru in Southern California and then renting the boat.

On Thursday, officials switched their mission from search and rescue to a recovery operation after she vanished around 5pm the day before.

The CCTV footage released by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office shows Naya and Josey arriving in her black Mercedes SUV at the lake.

The pair then make their way to the boat rental area and can then be seen getting on board.

The boat then sails off on to the lake and soon after Naya went for a swim but hasn’t been seen again. ...

Josey told police his mom "jumped into the water but didn't come back up" as cops searched for her ...

[Josey] told them that he and his mother were swimming in the lake.

The boy said that while he returned to the boat, Rivera never did.

Her child "gave enough information to investigators to conclude that Naya never made it out of water," Donoghue said.

When I read what what Feits wrote about Naya Rivera going missing right after it was first announced, I couldn't have agreed more with what he said. 

I was a huge Gleek. It was a big guilty pleasure of mine. To the point I used to listen to the Glee Cast Pandora station at the gym, when the other people there probably assumed I had an '80s rock playlist blaring in my ears. As a matter of fact, a few times someone would approach me to talk about the Patriots or whatever, and as I pulled out the earbud I'd forget they could hear I was listening to Kurt & Rachel doing "Defying Gravity" or Mr. Schuster doing "Ice, Ice Baby" before I'd find fumble to find the pause on my phone. 

And I've been a big fan of Naya's in particular. Her character Santana was razor sharp and bitchy in a funny way that challenged all the others to react to her and drove the story forward. Plus she had a true character arc over 116 episodes. Naya Rivera was a good actress who seemed to have her act together and was making a nice life for her and her poor son. And it's insanely tragic that that life could end on a perfect day on a picturesque lake, just a 33-year-old mom wanting to spend some one-on-one time with her preschooler.

So I'm posting the video just as a reminder - in case for some reason any still needs one, how fragile all this is. Tragedy doesn't make appointments. It comes and goes as it pleases. Without telegraphing its punches. Even when you are exactly where you should be, doing what you're supposed to be doing, making memories with your loved ones. And so, to the extent you can, you've got to be careful but not let fear drive you. Try to live in the moment, be on the best terms you can be with as many people as possible, and hope that when it strikes you, you leave the fewest regrets possible. And have a plan in place to see the ones you leave behind will be taken care of. Let's hope that's the case for Josey. Every day that something terrible like this doesn't happen to someone you care about is a good day.