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Jon Stewart Announces A Date For His Last Show And Now I'm Sad Again



Annnnnnnd there it is.  August 6th.  The last Daily Show that Jon Stewart will ever do.  Now I’m sad again.  I was sad when he first announced he was stepping down from the show but I was able to put that into the back part of my brain and almost forget it was happening.  So I’ve been kinda watching his show every night like he wasn’t stepping down.  Without a last show date it didn’t feel all the way real yet.  Well now it does because August 6th is a real date and it’s fast approaching.  And I know some of you don’t watch the Daily Show but these last few weeks Stewart has been on fire.  More than normally.  He’s got nothing to lose.  He’s like a president in his final term.  Just roasting anybody and everybody because he’s out the door soon. It’s been great.  But between Colbert stepping away from the Colbert Report, Letterman stepping away form his show soon and now Stewart doing the same it’s been a rough year.  Comedy giants either switching shows or stepping away completely.  Ugh.