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Nightmare Fuel: 20+ Snakes Take Over Woman's Apartment Via Hole In The Wall Caused By Construction

In elementary school, we had this teacher who had a shit ton of animals in his classroom. I'm talking about a borderline zoo in the middle of a 5th-grade science class. Snakes, geckos, a giant tortoise, tarantulas, you name it, he had it. This guy even had a fucking tank of piranas at one point until they all killed each other. 

The school was pretty lenient up until they found out that a couple of snakes had escaped and were having some sort of snake orgy in the wall. It literally took YEARS before the things just showed up again. I don't think he told the school either, it just kind of happened. During the entire duration of being in his class, I was far too frightened that a snake would escape and run up on me. So I can kind of understand what this lady is going through.


AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — An Aurora woman says dozens of snakes invaded her apartment following building renovations.  

Charlotte Moore tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers snakes have been getting into her home at the Fitzsimmons Junction Apartments since June 2 when balconies were moved at the complex.

“We noticed the smell was really bad and that’s when we started seeing the snakes,” Moore said.

She says at least 25 snakes have appeared along baseboards and under furniture, causing her to stay up for most of the night.

Giphy Images.

One day you're getting a new balcony, the next you're laying in bed with two dozen slimy fucks slithering all over your unconscious body. What a world we fucking live in, huh? Imagine one day, out of nowhere, you just saw a gang of snakes slithering around your house. Maybe the last animal you'd wanna see in your house other than a bird-eating tarantula or some shit. There are simply far too many snakes for my liking. Here I was, thinking two snakes being loose in a giant school was bad then this woman wags her finger like she just blocked a ball into the fifth row. 

25 snakes is just outrageous. Gather all your things, set the place alight, never look back levels of outrageous. What else are you supposed to do? Call a professional and pray that he gets all of them? You have to move out. Can't be risking anything with that volume of snakes wandering around the place. Just knowing that there are snakes within the house is enough for most people to say 'fuck it' and leave. No one wants to have to deal with that. Hence why we pay people - borderline warriors - boatloads of money to remove the things. 

“I am up at 4 in the morning and I stay up until I literally fall asleep,” Moore said.

Moore has a distinct dislike and fear of snakes.

“To me, snake is Satan and I don’t deal with him. You feel me?” she said.

What a line. This poor woman is literally living in her own personal hell to the point where she is declaring the snakes as satan. Fair is fair. 25 snakes don't just show up on accident. This is clearly the work of some higher being who doesn't much appreciate this woman for whatever reason. This whole situation is a legit nightmare fuel. Imagine lying in bed, praying that no snake wiggles it's way onto the bed. Yuck. The worst. Hell on earth. Whatever you wanna call it, no one wants anything to do with that many fucking snakes.

There's got to be somewhere else she can go that isn't infested with legless reptiles. That seems like a much better option than just sitting in fear all day. She just needs to get out of that place ASAP. It doesn't even really matter if they're dangerous snakes or not either. All snakes are slimy little weirdos and you can't convince me otherwise. This woman probably can't even take two steps in her own apartment without accidentally coming in contact with one of these bastards. This is pretty problematic considering this woman's clear disliking of all things snakes. 

Hopefully, for her sake, she can figure this out. Nobody should be forced to live with 25+ unwanted reptile roommates. All because of some lousy construction that she probably didn't want in the first place. It'll be interesting to see what she does.

PS - bad time to mention that my deck just got rebuilt? Hopefully, no snakes found their way into my place. That would suck big time.