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Happy Addison Russell Day Everyone

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Hey Big Cat, how many awesome prospects do the Cubs have man? Seems like a million?



Yes, yes I know, well here is our next great one. Carl will do a full breakdown at some point today but I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Addison Russell day. You remember him right? The 4th best prospect in all of baseball. The guy Billy Beane gave us for 2.5 months of Jeff Samardzija. Well yeah, he’s here and it looks like the Cubs are going to take a shot at this. This is essentially everyone who will be up this year minus Javy Baez, if he ever stops striking out. The future is now. The Cubs have an entire MLB infield of guys that are 25 and younger. Let the good times roll.





Also, if you look at the box score last night, is your 2, 3, 4 going 9-12 good???


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Oh and add Billy Beane to the list of guys that got Theo’d. Poor schmucks.



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