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The 2020 College Football Season May Just End Up Being In Court

I wrote about this in my last blog, but the effects of out of conference games being canceled have massive ripple effects on college sports as a whole. 

We wrongly get on the Alabama's of the world scheduling Arkansas State for a mid-September game. An Alabama paying Arkansas State 1.4 million to play them is the charity that keeps college football and other sports programs alive across this country. 

It's truly a great look into trickle-down economics. 

-Alabama makes a shit ton of money. 

-They schedule Arkansas State to play for 1.4 million dollars. 

-Arkansas State takes a sum of that money and schedules an FCS team for a pay-for game. 

-That FCS team takes a sum of that money and schedules a pay-for game against a low-tier FCS/D2 team. 

-A lot of that money gets put back into not only the football program but other athletic programs across the country. All thanks to Alabama. It's truly beautiful.

That's why the cancellation of these games truly will have a ripple effect on all college sports programs across the country. Once you think you've got this COVID-19 thing figured out, there's another layer. I'm no lawyer, so I don't know the legal jargon behind these contracts, but I assume G5 programs across the country will be getting their lawyers ready to get as much money as they can for these canceled games. The survival of their programs depends on it.