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Should Dente Suspend Brandon Walker For Calling Chief A Stupid Cunt?

Yesterday was the 4th installment of our rivalry with PFT and BFW in Jeff D. Lowe's smash hit, "The Dozen", which is inarguably the best trivia show on TV or the internet right now. I'm not just saying that, it's must watch shit. JDL works his dick off to make it great too, so shout out to him for doing so.

Sure, I have been called a cheater on the show, but the truth is I'm not. I honestly just think that I'm smarter than everybody else and everybody else isn't as good. That used to be called confidence. But not in Brandon Walker's house! If you answer a SINGLE question right, you're either 

A. a cheater that MUST be blindfolded just because no shot in hell can anyone EVER answer a question correctly. When you do he freaks the fuck out by stomping his feet and pacing back and forth away from his computer like this: 

B. a "stupid cunt" 

Now if anyone isn't a stupid cunt at Barstool Chicago, it's prolly Chief. He's the most reasonable person out of all of us typically, especially that emotional train wreck Carl.  So why does Brandon FUCKING Walker have call him a stupid cunt? Completely despicable moment if you ask me. Barstool's most embarrassing wort in at least 2-3 days. No, it wasn't technically in response to Chief answering a question correctly, but the point remains. We're in the year 2020;  that's as vile a word one can say in these unprecedented PC times.

So that begs the question: should Dente suspend Brandon Walker for calling Chief a stupid cunt?  I'm of the opinion that Brandon should be gone for 2 weeks and be levied a hefty fine. That's just me though; a simpleton from the midwest that isn't the judge, the jury or the executioner. 

I'll let you all talk amongst yourself in the comment section. 

PS - for someone who is ALWAYS crying about people cheating, this is AWFULLY fishy...

To go from "I have no idea who Collin Firth is" to "the King's Speech" immediately and AS SOON as the periscope chat starts saying it is AWFULLY peculiar. I wore the covid mask on my eyeballs because it changed zero for me as I never cheated. I demand BFW do the same for out 5th installment, whenever that is. If he doesn't cheat, it shouldn't bother him.