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NCAA's VP Of Basketball Says There Is Absolutely No Plan To Change The 2021 NCAA Tournament But There Might Not Be Conference Tournaments

[Source] - He said the NCAA's plan to host a tournament in March and April will come with a variety of contingencies. He said the NCAA will allow conferences to apply for waivers "into February" if they decide to give their league's automatic qualifier to the top team in their standings instead of hosting a conference tournament.

"We are going to be very flexible," he said.

First off, no duh they are saying this about the NCAA Tournament. Do you know how much money will be lost if they lose back to back NCAA Tournaments? Of course this is what they are saying. Obviously they don't want to say anything about cancelling the NCAA Tournament and freaking people out even more.

But the takeaway is how there could be no conference tournaments. That's wild to me to think about. I love conference tournament week, there's more games on than ever, you get great matchups, there's always crazy endings and you get the win or go home life too. Losing that would be fucking awful. We always get bid stealers and storylines from that week alone. 

This is in response to the Ivy League pushing every sport back until January 1. I think it's smart from the NCAA (weird to say that) to leave it this open-ended. They have to be flexible in order to have this sort of success and no backlash. Again, from a financial standpoint, colleges need the NCAA Tournament. It's a huge money-maker and especially helps smaller programs. 

Listen, I want conference tournaments. But please for all things holy, just give me the NCAA Tournament. I can't do another year without it. I want to feel the pain of losing a bet in the last second. I want to feel the joy of Kentucky winning. I want to hear One Shining Moment. I need it. I can't live life without it again.