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Tottenham Manager Jose Mourinho Storms Out Of A Press Conference Blaming It On Technical Issues, Gets Caught On Air Blatantly Lying About It

This is the most classic made excuse in press conference history right? Actually let me back up and first say fuck Jose Mourinho. I hated the hire when it happened. Him and Daniel Levy have been fucking awful and I'm still pissed they decided to move on from Mauricio Pochettino. Just an incredibly dumb decision made dumber by bringing in Jose. 

But what is happening here? You fucked up and Tottenham had ZERO shots on goal. This against a Bournemouth team in 18th place. You're fighting for a spot in Champions League! Can pretty much kiss that shit goodbye after this dogshit return. 

I do give the storm out an A+ though. That's a strong move. He has to do the interview over video link because no one is allowed there obviously. He doesn't want to talk. He knows every single Spurs fan hates him and thinks his hiring sucked. I kinda wish he exploded more though. Make it more obvious that you're annoyed with the VAR decision because VAR sucks and you're underachieving. Just give me that at least.