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Joel Embiid Stuffing His Giant Ass Body Into A Hazmat Suit Will Be The Everlasting Image Of This Pandemic

I can't imagine there are many 7' long hazmat suits laying around in the world. Chances are that if you're that large of a human being, you're about as far removed from any profession that would need to wear a hazmat suit as possible. The thought of Joel Embiid's people calling a hazmat suit company asking to make a custom XXXL suit is hilarious. And even with the biggest size possible, he's still one quick squat away from busting through the whole thing. How is he even going to sit on the plane in that thing? That's a 2.5 hour flight. Nothing too bad but that's a long ass time to be uncomfortable. Better safe than sorry though, or something like that. 

Trust The Process, Wear The Damn Mask.