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Pac-12, ACC to Follow Big 10 With Conference-Only Football Schedules

I said Thursday when it looked like the Big 10 was going to implement its conference-only football schedule that it was almost a sure thing that the other Power Five conferences would follow suit.

Barstool Sports — If this conference-only season does come to fruition for the Big 10, it would be by far the biggest shift in an upcoming football season. While it wouldn't necessarily force the other Power Five conferences to do the same, it would eliminate those teams' non-conference games against Big 10 opponents — Michigan-Washington, Miami-Michigan State and Ohio State-Oregon being the most high-profile — and make them at least find new opponents if they do go forward with their non-conference schedules.

But I have a feeling that if the Big 10 is going forward with this, it has already been discussed amongst the Power Five commissioners and it could very well be around the corner for those conferences as well. While there is no central decision maker for major college football, the conference commissioners seem to have mostly been on the same page since all this started.

And now the Pac-12 and ACC appear headed to conference-only schedules, leaving the SEC and Big 12 as the only Power Five conferences which have not yet made the move. Things seem to be moving rapidly in this direction, though, so those announcements could come at any time.

I don't know how long it will take for the other three major conferences to announce this move, but it's coming. The biggest positive which could come from it is the ability for conferences to play these schedules this fall rather than having to move college football season to the spring, which would bring about a host of problems for everybody.

It certainly appears the dominoes are falling for college football. We just have to hope these moves to cinference-only seasons will allow some football to be played this fall rather than none at all.