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The Dallas Mavericks Are Already Throwing Absolute Ragers In The Bubble

Now this is how you Orlando bubble! Oh you have to social distance and need ways to stay entertained? Boom throw a mid day rage at your hotel. Genius move by the Mavs here and all of the sudden the Grand Floridian just became the hottest nightclub in all of Orlando. Huge miss by not finding a way to include Boban in this video. He strikes me as a guy that would love a scene like this. I will say the sneaky best part was the stache on JJ Barea. Guy is rocking a high quality Uncle Rico look. I feel like after seeing that you have to factor it into the Mavs potential title chances. That could be the boost that Mavs second unit needs. You don't know.

You could tell Luka felt right at home too if you caught him at the end of the video. He's been attending techno raves for no fewer than 8 years I bet. He was born in doing nothing but partying with European smokes and techno music. This is a prime example of making lemonade out of lemons. You have other Western Conference contenders still complaining about food

meanwhile the Mavs realized that the league isn't going to drug test so they've been doing nothing but molly and raging since they got there. Who cares about the food if you never have an appetite right? That's some next level thinking.

I don't know about you, but all this does is make me crave the bubble content even more. Once we all get past the food bullshit and guys start leaking out what life is really like in this weird scenario NBA Twitter is going to be must watch stuff. Sure there are still health concerns and all that but the content potential is reaching levels we can only dream of.

The Mavs were already one of the surprise teams of the season heading into the bubble, but now that it seems like they have no problem adjusting to their new life you may want to factor that into any potential wager.