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Describe Your Favorite Barstool Sports Moment As Boring As Possible

How would you describe your favorite in Barstool history in the most mundane and boring way possible? Let's look at some of the best answer Stoolies responded with. 

Quite a game, fellas. 

What an idiot. What a fucking idiot. 

Are there commercials?!?!

The great Boom Off of 2015

Never forget the flying 69

Nobody's brain has ever broken as fast as Trent's in that moment. 

His shower didn't take. 

The greatest "Who done it?" of our generation

Happy Birthday Robbie. You may never receive a greater gift. 

A peak display of sheer athleticism

People forget a Michigan-Iowa football game brought us Trent Daddy to NYC. 

Right up there with the soldiers returning from war videos. 

He was making a Hells Bells video. Find a new slant. 

A zillion of them. 

Some people thought this was a shot at Big Cat but pretty sure real life Coach Duggs is just making fun of himself 

On Valentine's Day no less!

Pirates have sexual intercourse. 

The greatest luggage guy there has ever been and ever will be.

Almost got a blow job. 

Miss you, Buddha. 

He pet so many fucking sting rays. 

The Double Vodka Don is not what he is today without a good old fashioned Catfish. 

Becomes #1 hockey podcast in world

Most sexual video ever put out on Twitter. 

Stay hot, Rocket.

Over 500 times!

To be fair, this doesn't sound boring at all

That's better. 

Man may have been wearing suit.

Said person is then found to have done exact things he is quitting over. Hypothetically speaking of course. 


Gets a bunch of swords and a goldfish. 

Which eventually gave us…

And then years later gave us…

Which eventually gave us "Man gets denied charity bid to watch football in a basement"

(Loses his family)

The brightest stars burn out the fastest. 

Not sure what this could be about. 

Not as bad as it sounds. 

"I fought a war for yous."

One man can taste the hops. 

Personal favorite of mine for obvious reasons. 

It had to all start somewhere.

Some others of mine would be…

-Grown man plays in his bathtub

-Man visits bankrupt city and offers assistance

-Man messages girl on Tinder about avocados

-Guy jerks off and eats donuts.