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NOT Listing Aaron Jones As A Current Top 10 RB Is Hilariously Idiotic

Every year these lists come out and every year fans are pissed because a player was left off that shouldn't be left off, included that shouldn't be included, or ranked entirely too high/low. This of course happens because these lists - just like their rage - are entirely subjective and representative of individual opinions, not facts. Which is precisely why these lists mean a grand total of nothing; they exist only to get a rise out of people and create a little friendly debate among passionate fans. 

And there is no better example of this than the absence of my guy, Aaron Jones. 

I mean, his stats are just ridiculous. 

Rushing yards: 1084
Rushing TDs: 16
Receiving yards: 474
Receiving TDs: 3

That's a total of 1558 yards and 19 touchdowns. For comparison purposes, last year only two players put up at least 1000 rushing yards, 15 tds, and 400 receiving yards: Chrisitan McCaffrey, who sits pretty at #2 on this brilliant list, and Aaron Jones. 

Oh and in big games like in the division-clinching game against Minnesota when people said the lights would be too bright for Jones, he put up 154 rushing yards and 2 TDs. 

But I guess to NFL execs, scouts, and players none of those insane stats speak to what makes a top 10 running back. 

Sure, the numbers are from last year and they're talking about this year, but it's not like the Packers offense has significantly changed. In fact, they added to the offensive line to improve the rushing attack. The organization also rejected the commonly held belief that the team desperately needed another WR, so it's clear their focus is not shifting away from the ground game.  

Who knows, maybe in the case of Jones exclusively, the stats weren't enough? Maybe a league-high 23 touchdowns in 18 games wasn't sufficient to make the cut? If that's the case, maybe this year he'll just have to put up 24? I guess it also couldn't hurt to get his 90.5 rushing grade up a little bit. After all, that's only 2nd highest in the NFL since 2017 - why not aim for #1? 

Either way, I'm sure Jones is coming up with a game plan at this very moment. 

So big thanks to ESPN for not only NOT ranking him in the top 5, but for leaving him off the list altogether.

He absolutely LOVES being underestimated.