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Will There Be A College Football Season? The Recent FBS AD Survey Is In


Brett McMurphy gets a lot of shit, specifically from Ohio State fans. There's no Woj or Shams in the CFB game, but I'd say Brett McMurphy has emerged over the past few years (since ESPN made the wrong decision to let him go) as the top journalist for news in the sport. 

He's done great work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and his recent survey of 130 FBS ADs is an example of that. Unfortunately, the results of it are not good. 


Let's do the bad news first:

-25% of FBS ADs believe we will have a season at all. 

-10% believe there will be a 12-game schedule in the fall

-7%, up from 1% in April, believe there will be no College Football at all in 2020-21. More P5 ADs believe there will be no football then G5 ADs. 

There isn't really anything good in these numbers. Those that are making the decisions behind college football are no optimistic about the 2020 season. 

What is interesting is a third of G5 ADs believe there will be a 12-game season in the spring, compared to just 3% of P5 ADs. That may be wishful thinking by G5 ADs, because a 12-game schedule in the spring will mean that they will get their paydays against P5 opponents.