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UPDATED: Oh No! Pray For Coach K's Back! An Affidavit Has 'Newly-Discovered Evidence' That Shows Zion Allegedly Being Paid $400,000, Zion's Attorney Claims It Was Forged

Ohhh no. Ohhh my goodness. You just hate to see this. You hate to see newly-discovered evidence with a signed affidavit and a copy of a marketing agreement that shows Zion and his stepfather being paid $400,000. You would just HAAAATTTTEEEE to see this be ruled that Zion received impermissible benefits (way more money, but exactly like Marcus Camby here) which would rule Zion ineligible thus make Coach K a known cheater. Oh what a shame that would be for all those people in New Jersey/New York that have no idea Duke is even in Durham, North Carolina but scream about how they love the Blue Devils. Oh what a shame. 

Remember, rules are rules. That's why college coaches get punished. Who cares if Marcus Camby accepted benefits from an agent? Who cares about all the other examples of guys having to sit out because of someone not associated with the program? 

I've said it before, but there's nothing I want more than every fucking moron to realize Coach K is just like every other coach out there. He's not running a clean program. He's not just randomly landing guys like Zion, Kyrie, RJ, Bagley, etc because they care about The Brotherhood. Fuck outta here. This isn't going to ruin shit for Zion's career so save me that too. 

$400,000 still feels like a light investment for Zion though. 

UPDATED: Because I'm a man of integrity (unlike Coach K who makes mothers of his players cry when they say they want to transfer by screaming at them) I'll include this: 

Smells fishy. Smells more like Duke and Coach K applying pressure to make sure it says fake. 38 pages with a fake ID seems like too much work for me. I'll make sure to get to the bottom of this when it's all said and done. Too much he said/she said for my liking in all of this. Makes it seem like both sides are lying. There's a 100% chance Zion received impermissible benefits. No doubt about it. Remember Kansas assistant coach Kurtis Townsend was caught on wire talking about Zion's stepdad wanting employment in Lawrence if Zion went there, etc. Credit to me for having more integrity than Coach K though.