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Johnny Depp's Alleged Lunch Photo, Which Consists Of Whiskey And 4 Lines Of Cocaine, Is A Legitimately Great Instagram Photo

I remember last year there was an article that went viral saying millennials killed the power lunch (because we have to eat 20 dollar salads at our desk now, but whatever) and let me say this loud and clear, Johnny Depp ain't letting it go down without a fight! One bourbon, four lines, one Keith Richards CD... or however the song goes.

But that this is a legitimately fantastic Instagram picture. Phone eats first, as they say, and it also drinks and snorts first. When you've got a lineup like this, a plating so aesthetically pleasing, you've gotta take a photo. The drugs, the drug box, the whiskey to the brim, the dop kit, the newspaper, the flowers in a mason jar, it's all just very balanced and cool looking. It's almost like it's staged.

That's really my point here, this picture is obviously staged. Johnny Depp ABSOLUTELY drinks whiskey and does coke for lunch, he was Hunter Thompson's best friend and Hunter would call this more of a midday snack rather than a lunch, but this ain't his meal in the picture. Amber Heard is a lunatic who would abuse him psychologically and physically then shit in his bed for good measure, no kidding she released this staged photo. 

As for the passing out next to the bed? Who among us hasn't had that happen? Sometimes you get tagged out at home.

PS - I'm not sure how I feel about the Depp branded drug box. I don't think I'm a fan. It's obviously too clunky but also I'd rather have a smiley face on it, or at least the emoji where he's grinding the hell out of his teeth/nervous. You know drugs are bad for you but you don't need the skull and cross bone reminder every time. It's like the tobacco warning labels on everything, "Yeah yeah, I know. But can you just give me this peacefully? I've had a day."