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Tiger Woods Commits To The Memorial, Will Be His First Tournament Since The Restart

Here. We. Go. This is the moment we've all been waiting for since the PGA Tour restarted a month ago. Tiger Woods is coming back and his first tournament will be, unsurprisingly, the Memorial. Yeah it's been great with Bryson dominating the headlines on and off the course and blah blah blah but now we've got Tiger Woods back in the mix. Tiger hasn't playing in a PGA Tour event since February at Riviera (where he shot a 77 in the final round but we don't talk about that) and we haven't seen him swing a golf club since The Match II where he looked like he would've won the Masters had it been played in April. But now he's coming back to a tournament he loves at a place he has won 5 times. Tiger Woods is back.

By the way, the PGA Tour better LOCK DOWN their coronavirus protocols. Lock it the fuck down. Commissioner Jay Monahan and company have been doing a pretty damn good job adapting each week to this new world we're living in but now things are about to get serious. Tiger Woods cannot, I repeat CANNOT, catch the virus. They need to do whatever it takes to make sure Tiger and no one in Tiger's inner circle gets the virus. Break the rules, don't let anyone but Joe LaCava within 1,000 feet of him, put a bubble around him, buy an illegal coronavirus vaccine off the black market, do whatever it takes to make sure Tiger Woods stays coronavirus-free. It is priority #1.