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All Things Considered Curtis Blaydes Is Probably The Last Person On Earth I'd Ever Want To Fight

So we had Chicago MMA heavyweight fighter, Curtis Blaydes, on Redline Radio this week. I am not an MMA guy. I've tried. I get the McGreggor fights historically. Jon Jones is cool to watch, but I don't know. Overall, it's not my favorite. I even opted out of participating in the interview because I just had nothing to ask him. I didn't know anything about the guy or the sport. After listening to the interview I decided to do some googling and WHOA. 6'4 261lbs. He's Khalil Mack except he is trained in the arts of murdering you with his bare hands. Look at this fucking guy

Like I said, I don't know anything about MMA. Are there better fighters than Curtis Blaydes? I am sure of it. He's the 3rd ranked heavyweight challenger right now per the UFC website. Is there a scarier fighter? I don't think so. An elbow to the dome from a dude who is 260lbs of muscle would kill someone like me. I feel like other guys might have more power and can knock you out cold with a punch or a kick. That's fine. Put me to sleep. Blaydes is going to put all his weight on your with his wrestling background and slowly grind your skull to dust. Fuck that. Nice dude, glad he's on our side because he is fucking terrifying. I think he's going to be my MMA guy. Next time he fights I am all in.