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Glee Star Naya Rivera Is Missing And Presumed Dead After Her Four Year Old Was Found Alone On A Boat

I just randomly woke up and happened to see this news. Talk about a fucking heartbreaking situation. I was weirdly a big Glee song when it first came out (idk why I saw weirdly, of course I was) and Naya was THAT girl. To be honest I didn't follow the rest of her career all that closely but she was just awesome on that show. Thank god they found her son and I hope they find Naya, but things don't look great right now.

I was watching a YouTube of her best Glee songs and #2 was her version of "If I Die Young," so that's pretty fucking weird. Beautiful song though.

Oh, also, if you wanted to know what a fucked up, awful place Twitter is Naya's Glee co-star, Lea Michelle, is also trending right now. Because Lea had beautiful words to say about her former co-star? No, because people say they wish it was Lea instead.