We Need More Lori's

It's late and past everyone's bedtime so I'll be quick. My buddy sent me this picture earlier today and I literally can't stop thinking about Lori. I mean it is legitimately every bit of those 97 beers outside and HUMID and brutal and despite all that she found courage in the middle of the COVID pandemic to lace up the hot dog costume for Tuesday night's Chicago Dogs game. Tough loss for the boys but overall great performance by Lori putting in a full 9 innings in low grade polyester. According to the experts it was 91 degrees last night which is significantly more resilient than any temperature-based tolerance I bring to the table and I imagine that applies to the rest of my fat wet friends. Lori though? This Lady doesn't give a fuck about the heat. She is The Heat. 

I know the world sucks right now and everything seems so hopeless. But at times like this you need to look to the Lori's in your life and just have a laugh. (Without doing a background check) What a tremendous lady. Gives absolutely zero fucks about anything other than hot dogs and baseball. Where do I sign up?