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Wake Up With Anthony Rendon Flashing The Leather At Third

I guess we're doing a third baseman's week here for wake ups, and not a bad threesome to do it with. Manny on Tuesday, Nolan yesterday, and Tony 2 Bags today. I've thought for years that Anthony Rendon was one of, it not the most underrated players in baseball. He's such a good hitter, and recently has started to show off the power. Average has been above .300 for the past 3 seasons, and he's a doubles machine. He often was in Bryce's shadow in DC, but I always thought he was the guy you would want to lock up and build around. He finished third in the NL MVP race last season and really came up big for the Nats in October. A lot has been said about his bat but he's just as good with the leather. He's never won a Gold Glove, but it's tough to ever outplay Nolan, but he's right up there. When he was younger he did bounce around between third, short, and second, but has found his home at third, where he'll be for the Angels. Rendon in the lineup with Trout is just laugh out loud funny, two of the better hitters in baseball, and they're only going to get better. Exciting times ahead for Tony 2 Bags. Used to have some great hair too, insane lettuce.