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If You're Not Cooking Your Steak With A Flamethrower, Then You Might As Well Just Stick To The Microwave

Oh what's that? You're going to light up some briquettes in the kettle with two zones for direct and indirect heat, slowly bring the steak up to about 125 degrees internal before putting it over a direct flame to finish off that sear for a perfect medium rare?


Oh what's that? You're going to cook the steak in a cast iron pan with some garlic, rosemary and a shit ton of butter to baste it in so all those flavors come together?


Oh what's that? You're going to sous vide that...let me stop right there. We're not going to sous vide a tomahawk or any cut that you actually care about. But either way...


Fact of the matter is that if you're not breaking out the flamethrower now to sear your steak, you might as well be tossing that sucker into the microwave. Maybe toss it in the easy bake oven there, sweetheart. We wouldn't want you to get a wittle too hot by standing too close to the flame. Flamethrower or bust, boys. It's time to get extreme out there. Full sends only. The results speak for themselves. 


P.S. - If you're not going to be using a flamethrower but you still want to grill up a mean steak, then here's a quick and easy tutorial for ya. 

S&P, the choice for me.