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Philly Sports Writer Thinks It's Selfish And Elitist to Sit Out The Upcoming MLB Season, Even If Your Wife Is Pregnant

It was only a matter of time before someone wrote this article. Someone was bound to shame David Price, Ryan Zimmerman, Mike Trout and anyone else for sitting out the upcoming MLB season to be with their families. Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Inquirer step right up!

We’re watching multimillionaires decline to work after they spent the last six weeks begging to go back. That’s selfish and elitist, especially at this moment. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, and millions more never stopped working, at considerably greater risk than David Price would incur.

None of the players who have chosen to extend their vacation has been deemed high-risk, but most cite protecting people with whom they live. There’s a solution to that. Move out. 

You might miss a birth, or the first few weeks of your kid’s life, or back-to-school 2020. But you will be protected, and you will be tested, and you will be doing your job.

So what if you miss your first child's birth? It's just your son or daughter big whoop. Just have another one after the season is over and experience that one. Children schmildren. Go play baseball, it's your job!

“I’ve got to be there. If I test positive, I can’t see the baby for 14 days,” Trout said last week. “We would be upset.” Heaven forbid Mike Trout should be upset.

I mean what an asshole. Apparently Marcus Hayes has a tradition of being an asshole, but this takes the cake. Might I remind you David Price is the guy who donated $1,000 to every minor leaguer in the Dodgers organization to help them during this shitty time with the economy. Now he wants to protect his family and he's a selfish elitist? There's not a single bad word you can say about David Price here. Nothing. He's made $189 million to date in baseball and wants to stay home for the health of his family. Nah, keeping your family safe is soft! Pussy! Go do your job!

Comparing the situation Trout is in, Gerrit Cole and his wife Amy just had their first child a few days ago. With the timing of it all Gerrit seems good to go for Opening Day on July 23rd against the Nationals. That being said, he's entirely in his right to pull out and sit out the season. Would it devastate me as a fan of the Yankees? Of course, all I want is to see him pitch for my team. But if you can't understand him making that call you're an asshole. I never really had a doubt with him since he's been throwing bullpens non-stop all offseason, but if he had any hesitancy about playing how could you actually have an issue with it? If Mike Trout's first kid is due in a few months he has to be there. If that means sitting out the season, or cutting it short then he's got to do it. The risk for pregnant women during this virus is so high. You cannot take that chance. 

There's no ifs ands or buts here. If a guy is looking out for his family's health over playing baseball in this 60 game season I'll never have a problem with it. You can't be more selfish than that as a fan. If this gets bad during the season and the risks go up I wouldn't second guess Cole heading home to be with his family for second. You do you. Dude signed a 9 year deal to be here. He's not going anywhere. You as a fan can afford to miss out on seeing him making 12 starts without painting the guy as selfish. 

Marcus Hayes, fuck off dude.