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Will This Farmer Make It To The Other Side of the Road? Nah

You don’t get that truck, that trailer, that shirt, and that hat without knowing that you absolutely should not try to cross that body of water with a trailer attached. It just doesn’t happen.

When the engine turns off and settles ever so gently a few feet back, Cowboy Rob knows that he fucked up. The engine is flooded. It’s ruined. He’s going to have to have to get out, hook up straps to the front and hope that the truck can still slip into neutral. He’s then going to have to call insurance and swallow every bit of cowboy pride and tell them what happened. Even worse? There’s video.

imagine goin to the local whataburger if you’re this guy. Everyone knows what happened.

”Jahear about Rob? No?! HA HA! that stupid son of a bitch flooded that F-350 with his gosh darn trailer on the back.”

“You gotta be kiddin. Where at?”

“His damn land! HA! Did it after the rain storm last Tuesdee.”

“I’ll be damned. Insurance gonna pay?”

“I reckon but I’d give my back 40 acres to hear him explain it to Flo from Progressive.”

“Howdayou know his insurance agent’s name, Rick?”

“I don’t, Tom. It’s from the commercial.”

“Which commercial?”

Tom is fucking idiot too.