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Richard Dreyfus’ Son Says Quint Murdered Ben Gardner. What Fresh Hell is This?

The Ben Gardner’s Boat scene. In all likelihood the most iconic and celebrated jump scare in the history of cinema. Hooper and Brody approached the drifting ghost boat of a local fisherman. Against Brody‘s wishes, Hooper puts on his scuba gear. In the darkness of the water Hooper finds a hole in the craft with a tooth the size of a shot glass sticking in it. The grotesque head pops out. In a panic, Hooper drops the tooth. The audience peas themselves a little. The shark that has been haunting Amity claims its third victim. Even 45 years later it’s still a shock.

Until today. Until real life Matt Hooper’s own son blew a hole in the scene bigger than the one in Ben’s eye socket.

Good God, Ben Dreyfuss. Have you and the entire world gone mad? Do you hear what you’re saying? Quint is not a killer of anything except sharks. Which granted are in endangered species. And hundreds of thousands of people in Hiroshima, when he helped deliver the bomb. But that was war. He is a hero. He was one of only 316 people who survived the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. But he’s not a stone cold murderer.

Quint with no sooner kill a rival fisherman who’s one of his fellow townspeople then he would’ve killed that little Kintner boy or Mrs. Brody. And I will not sit here and let the man who gave his life to save the summer for his town (and for $10,000) to have his memory besmirched by someone just because his father is one of the best things about my single all time favorite film. Good day to you, sir.

Also, while we are on the subject, the whole Ben gardener supply has a hole in it even bigger than his eyesocket. Hooper lost a tooth, and then that’s the end of the whole discussion. The mayor doesn’t ask about the dead fisherman. Nobody in the town mentions it. There is no funeral for poor Ben. Going mostly to the fact that Steven Spielberg filmed the scene as an afterthought in his own swimming pool because once major filming was over and he had shown it to test audiences, he decided it needed one more major scare. So maybe it’s more plausible that Quinton was even more of a psycho then he came across on the boat. But when you start citing “Jaws: The Revenge” to back up your argument. You lose me and every other thinking person.