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Large Bodybagged A Caller On Barstool Breakfast This Morning And It Was Absolutely Delightful

No matter what your opinion is on the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, I hope you can agree that clip was delightful. There's nothing like winning an argument with an emotional person using logic. I'm not sure why Ryan was so upset, but if I had to guess I'd say the politicalization of the disease has broken his brain. 

They both made some great points but my favorite part was when Large went full dad on him, "I told you if you're going to fucking interrupt me I'm going to hang up on you, okay? That's the last time I tell you! You understand me?" That's exactly what it must feel like to be yelled at as a McCarthy boy. I love it. I ended up cutting the clip at 3:02 but that was the gist of it. Ryan from CT, if you're reading, feel free to call in ANY time. 

We've got The Miz popping on the show tomorrow at 10:00 AM to promote his new show so be sure to check that out. If you miss it, I'll be publishing the entire interview on the blog. 

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