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Double Trouble pt 2: A Match Made in Carjacker Heaven

This past Sunday police in Newberg, Oregon police spotted a Toyota Land Cruiser that had been reported stolen just minutes prior.  Randy Lee Cooper, 27, who apparently was in no rush to escape the scene at first, was seen casually driving in the downtown area early that morning.  Once police confirmed the vehicle was the stolen Land Cruiser, they turned on their sirens and began pursuit.  Cooper, being all too familiar with lights and sounds of a police chase, let his instinct take over, and floored it out of there.  

After only making it just a few short miles, Cooper crashed into the back of a Buick being driven by 25-year-old Kristin Nicole Begue.  Police arrested Cooper and attended to Begue, only to find out that the car she was driving was ALSO reported stolen just a few weeks prior.  Begue was discovered to be driving under the influence of several "intoxicants" and was promptly arrested as well.  

Cooper faces charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, attempting to elude police, third-degree assault, and reckless driving.  Begue faces the same unauthorized use of a motor vehicle charge and Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants.  

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