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I Can't Wait To Gamble My Face Off On The NHL, The Schedule Is INSANE

One of my biggest weaknesses is time math and time zones, so I may be off here and if I am I know you fine folks in the comment section will correct me. Having said that, the way I am reading this from a central time zone perspective is this...

11AM Toronto

1PM Edmonton

3PM Toronto

5PM Edmonton

7PM Toronto

9PM Edmonton

A puck dropping every two hours for like a solid month. That is...INCREDIBLE. That is the schedule we dreamed of. That is...trouble. This is an accurate representation of my assets starting August 1st

There's no chance anyone knows how to judge any of these teams after a restart and I do NOT care. I am always bad at gambling on hockey and this is going to be somehow…worse. And yet, worth it. I have missed that puck line empty net rush more than anything in the world during quarantine. Chasing that rush, losing, and enjoying every second of it. This tournament will deliver. It might take a while for the hockey to look NHL playoff caliber, but at the end of the day it's going to be great. Give me the Hawks and the Jackets series prices at +140 and I'll be chasing games every two hours until my eyes bleed.