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Swooooooon: The NHL Is Going To Have 3 Games A Day In Each City - 12pm, 4pm, and 8pm



Yoooooo. Please be real. 3 games a day in each city, times 2 cities, in time zones that are 2 hours apart that's like....29 hours of NHL games per day!!!!


Giphy Images.


This is a betting man's dream. This is a hockey fan's dream. This is the best possible outcome to a very shitty problem. Wall to wall coverage, nonstop games from breakfast to bed time. Productivity in any capacity is just about over. I always knew sunshine follows thunder, and this is a double dose of vitamin D. 

So lettuce pray this goes off without a hitch. That all the players are safe and accounted for and nothing fucks this up. Sure it will not be the same in empty arenas, but we all will be watching and I certainly cannot wait.