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This Jason Alexander (With Full Head Of Hair) 1980s Musical Burger Commercial Is Incredible

I'll pause.

Watch it again.

I know you're going to watch it again.

Giphy Images.

Amazing, right? They just don't make commercials like this anymore.

They also don't make food items like this anymore...


What a preposterous concept! The box is fucking gigantic.


It's as big as Costanza's head (which is topped by a beautiful mane).


That thing must have been so cumbersome to have as a take-out or to-go item. Also, any pro when it comes to assembling a burger knows to put the lettuce underneath the bun so it gets the integrity of the bread in-tact, but I digress. This was the 1980s. The times were wilder!

This commercial is also a reminder at how great the job of "commercial jingle writer" must be. Check out the lyrics...

I’m talkin’ quarter pound of beef on the hot, hot side
And the hot, stays hot!
The new, McD-L-T
Hot, hot!
Crisp lettuce and tomato on the cool, cool side
And the cool, stays cool!
The new, McD-L-T
Cool, crisp!
The beef stays hot, the cool stays crisp
Put it together, you can’t resist
The hottest taste, the coolest dish
Keep the hot, hot
Keep the cool, cool
McD-L-T, McD-L-T!
Hot, beefy McD!
Cool, crisp LT!
* clap, clap *

It’s a good time!
Hot, beefy McD!
For the great taste!
Cool, crisp LT!
Of McDonald’s!

Grammy-worthy right there.

I just can't get enough of this commercial. Fast food chains need to go back to their musical jingle-based commercials. Here's another one from Taco Bell...

Another classic.

Now if only they could bring back the full head of hair Jason Alexander, he was a commercial star in the 1980s…

Listen up (not a reference to Jason Alexander's old television show based on books by Tony Kornheiser) fast food chains, revamp your advertising.