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Courtney Stodden Has NO TIME For All You FUCK BOYS Out There

Talk about a BLAST FROM THE PAST! I completely forgot Stodden existed. She was lighting social media on fire back in its infancy and here she is, 25 years young (woulda guessed 45), throwing up a few heaters to remind the world she's still alive, kicking and telling fuck boys to GTFO. 

A quick google search shows she's a spokesperson for PETA now after a few years of being married to some dude who's like 100. Also... she kinda went dark 4 years or so ago to the day when Barstool Chicago's Commander in Chief got fake blood doused on him for eating hot dogs:

At least I think she went dark. Maybe she hasn't and I'm just living under a rock, which is entirely plausible. But as a connect the dots guy, it sounds like she very well could have been behind what is the funniest picture of all time though... 

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 10.09.31 AM.png I kinda love her again. The clueless look on Big Cat's face with multiple hot dogs hanging out of his mouth and fake blood all over his shirt will NEVER not be funny. It makes me laugh out loud every single time this picture pops up on my timeline on the 4th of July every year. So goddamn funny. Best thing PETA has ever been responsible for. 

Other than that, Stodden is still doing Stodden things, and by doing Stodden things I mean doing this:

Not exactly for me, but I'm sure it's for a lot of you dickheads, so enjoy it and STFU. I ain't got time for fuckboys either, all I got time for nowadays is Verdansk.  We'll be back in there tonight.  

Let's get it.