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People Won't Stop Sending Actress Gillian Anderson Vibrators Because Of Her Show 'Sex Education'

What a life to go from Scully on X-Files to a sex therapist on Sex Education and still be sent vibrators. Apparently it's been happening for years! 

“I’ve been sent more vibrators than I ever have, which isn’t a bad thing.”

It's not the first time fans have sent her vibrators either.

The actress received the unique fan mail during her breakout role as Dana Scully in The X-Files after it was revealed the FBI agent kept a "personal massager" under her bed.

She's not complaining and says it's not a bad thing, so talk about an all time job perk. She doesn't have to look at Google reviews to find the one she wants (do they have Google reviews for vibrators? I'd assume they do). She doesn't have to leave the house. It's her own version of the unboxing. Just vibrator after vibrator after vibrator. 

 I really need to know how someone sends a vibrator to someone. That's the type of person that needs to be on Eddie's Dogwalk podcast at least once. Need to know the thought process of picking one out, just sending it out there, like yep here it is. I'm fascinated by crazy people like this. They make no sense yet they just walk among us like it's nothing. 

If not Dogwalk get her with Tommy and Marty doing some ASMR: 

There's something about the phrasing that makes me crack up too. The fact that the she's getting 'bombarded' with dildos is just an outrageous way to phrase it. Not just a bunch of them, not consistently being sent them, she's getting bombarded. Speaking of dildos, this is one of my favorite vibrator scenes: 

Either way, congrats to Gillian Anderson on a hell of a career and all the vibrators that came with it.