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How Many People Are Gonna Get Fired For Being Assholes On Camera?

Another 3 bite the dust. The Tennessee fan, the Running The World Since 1776 guy, the dummies at Jimmy John's with the noose made of dough. All of em. Cuncel. Add them to the ever growing list of people who are OBVIOUSLY being filmed in the middle of their lunatic ranting. Add these three to the pile along with Central Park Karen (who not only got fired but is now being prosecuted), the racist nurse, the Harvard girl who said she was gonna stab everyone who says All Lives Matter, and, oh yea, the cops who murder people while being filmed.

How fucking idiotic are people??? Left, right. Liberal, conservative. Red, blue. All of em dumb. The world has reached a place where the most powerful weapon is an iPhone. Just kidding the most powerful weapons are the guns that kill all sorts of innocent people, but you understand my point. The new "pen is mightier than the sword" is "I'm gonna get you fired with my iPhone." Doesnt quite have the same ring to it, but it conveys the message. Right now the protesters are filming the racists who are being filmed by curious onlookers who are all being filmed by police body cams. Armed with 1080p and a couple thousand pixels, everyone is filming everyone

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How goddam insane do you have to be to actually have an uncontrollable outburst in public right now? Like you gotta be absolutely unhinged to continue a violent outburst knowing with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY you will end up on the internet. Maybe you get lucky and dont go viral. Maybe you dodge a bullet and your employer doesnt see. But you will 100% be facing that possibility. All because you're that worked up at some stranger in Target. You're that mad about someone who disagrees with your mask, or your political viewpoints, or whatever the controversy is, that you gotta let it fly? The most pathetic display of self control I've ever seen.

And gone are the days of shaming camera people. Is it shitty to film people in their worst moments, immortalize them, and potentially have them lose their livelihood? Yea, it is. I'd say the vast majority of these people are assholes who deserve the consequences, but I'm sure some of these cases are good people who just had a grossly immature moment. So yea, I wish we lived in a world where everyone's first instinct isnt to say "GOTCHA." But two things 1) Thats more applicable when people are filming you on the low. These are instances were several people are holding phones two feet from your face, and 2) Its just the way the world is now. Hoping that people stop being intrusive assholes with technology is a futile exercise. So just fall in line and keep your racist thoughts to yourself. Or at least only when you're around family. Thats what the rest of us normal people do. Keep your prejudiced thoughts private, idiots.