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A.M. Burger Against A&M: Tigers Breeze Past Aggies, Move to 4-0

Gus Duggerton is absolutely rolling. This morning marked his second 50 Burger of this early 2020 campaign, as (12) LSU toppled Texas A&M 57-28 in College Station.

You could sense a shootout in this one from the beginning. But the way the LSU defense started this one off was nothing short of electric.

But Texas A&M's Trey Gibson made an early push for run of the year, as he bursted his way into the end zone from deep range.

After that, it was ALL Duggs and company. A variation of LSU Tigers scored to open the lead back up. 

This eventually led to the aforementioned 50 BURGER for LSU, making a statement in the 2020 SEC opener.

Next up: tomorrow morning against Mississippi State (time TBD). We'll see you then.