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Wake Up With Magic Johnson's Ultimate Mixtape

Arguably the greatest point guard of all time, I felt like going with a classic this morning and frankly it's hard to do better than Magic. Sure he played for a team I hate with the passion of a thousand suns, but I have eyes. I can't sit here and tell you watching Magic Johnson play basketball isn't awesome. I mean look at that video! To say Magic was ahead of his time is the understatement of the century. The creativity, the competitive spirit, the skill, can you imagine how good prime Magic would be in 2020? It'd be like Luka only 1000x better. 

With the news that Magic doesn't write his own tweets, maybe you suddenly found yourself down on the legend. That some of his mystique was gone. Well after watching those highlights that should be taken care of. 


By law, or really fear that my Dad is going to see this blog and spend 25 minutes yelling at me while threatening to disown me,  here's Larry Legend's. For my money the best video on the entire internet