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The NCAA Looking At Moving Up The College Hoops Season Start Date To Oct. 27 Is Such A Dumb Decision

[Source] - The NCAA’s highest-ranking basketball executive has floated the idea to conference leaders about accelerating the start of the men’s basketball season, moving it up two weeks to increase scheduling flexibility and get more games played in event of a winter interruption.

NCAA senior vice president of basketball Dan Gavitt told Sports Illustrated on Monday that he has proposed moving season-opening games from Nov. 10 to Oct. 27, with perhaps a corresponding acceleration of practice from the currently scheduled start date of Sept. 29. The goal is for schools to play something closer to a full slate of regular-season games amid what could be an uncertain collegiate school year both academically and athletically, as campuses search for ways to deal with COVID-19 fallout.

I couldn't hate this more. I hate everything about this. First off, if you're worried about a winter interruption then moving things up don't make as much sense. What they should do instead of wait for the season to start when everyone is home for break. Make it a bubble life while still working under the guise of amateurism. The idea being limit how much these guys are around other college kids. Little secret but college kids are mostly dumb, we all were in college. There's not going to be social distancing, they are going to have parties, because that's what college kids do. If you wait to start the season and push it back instead of moving it forward then you can have time in a pseudo-bubble. 

Then there's the fact that no one is going to watch college hoops in October. That's the worst way to try and get even 1 new fan. You know what's going on in October? Quite literally everything as of this moment. I don't even know how the TV deal with work with college football/NFL games going on. Yes all of us that love college hoops will be watching, but the point is to try and grow the sport. 

I just hate everything about this plan and if anything it sounds way less optimistic that this is going to be a regular season or full season. Yes, its a long way to go but that's the gut feeling after reading this. And yes I know the plan isn't in motion yet, but the fact they are floating it out there already just sounds awful.