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Wake Up With Nolan Arenado Being An Absolute Stud

Yesterday we did some Manny defensive highlights, I thought it was only right to show off maybe the only guy better than Manny. Since the day Nolan Arenado stepped foot onto an MLB Diamond he's been one of the top 2 defenders in baseball, you really can't debate it. I won't really pump up the 7 Gold Gloves in a row, because hell, even Jeter won a decent amount of GGs. You don't have to really look at stats and analytics to know Arenado is the best, just watch the film. It's just a matter of time before he finally breaks down that wall and wins an MVP too, he's close. You know about the bat, and don't give me that shit about playing in the altitude, he'd hit anywhere. The glove is just insane. Going left, going right, throwing from his knees, it doesn't matter, he'll make the play. We talk a lot about guys making it look easy and being smooth, Nolan does that and more. The guy is everything you want in a baseball player and I need him in a big market on a good team (not the Yankees) more than anything. Enjoy this 10 minutes of baseball porn.