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Bill Russell Used To DUST Wilt Chamberlain In Basketball And Also... Drag Racing?

GOAT TALK. "Oh what did I used to cruise around town in back in the day? Just something light, don't even know why anyone would ask such a question. But since the question has been asked, let me flex a little bit. I had the Lambo. That's right, the cherry red one. I sat in the backseat while I drove. Wilt had some raggedy piece of shit. He'd try and race me, which amused me to no end. I'd give him a head start. He lost. Every single time. Much like he did any time we competed in anything." 

11 rings. Congressional Medal of Freedom recipient. Greatest driver in the history of tires and engines. G.O.A.T.

PS - "Fast 10: The Legend Of William Felton" needs to be green lit and green lit yesterday.